Talent Acquisition Manager, Commercial Construction

We value our partnership with EHQ.  The staff communicates consistently and thoroughly regarding the status of our openings.  The candidates we have interviewed have been prepared and qualified.  We feel the team at EHQ knows and understands our business and our culture.  This partnership has been a great experience for us and has helped take […]

HR Manager, Global Manufacturer   

 I have really enjoyed working with the EHQ team.  For over 20 years I have worked with staffing firms, and EHQ has been one of the most professional, thorough, and hardworking groups out there. They have consistently provided us with quality candidates and always keep us updated on progress and changes.  The process for hiring […]

President, Textile Distribution

I have worked with this team on a few leadership openings in our warehouse.  They have helped us revamp our hiring and retention strategies with market data and candidate feedback. We have attracted qualified candidates in a tough market.  They also have a genuine care and concern for the candidate experience.  We have been very […]

Wes H.

“Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and to help me through the application process.  I really felt like you were working to help me, and I am so happy to start my new job on Monday.” 

Daniel V.

“Great follow up from your team; I am interviewing next week and will do my best to make us both shine!” 

Maria S.

“I have really enjoyed working with your team!  Everyone has been so polite and professional.  And the follow up has been excellent.  Thank you for all your help.”